The Application of the LEED in Subway Station


Nowadays, LEED inexperienced building assessment system is that the most authoritative analysis customary for inexperienced building, that is employed all told styles of building. however LEED application remains confined to vertical building, in terms of horizontal building, like the terminus, there's no application example. Aiming at the terminus construction stage, many credits are selected to explore the chances of its guiding terminus construction.


LEED inexperienced building analysis system was developed and launched by the us inexperienced Building Council (USGBC) in 2003, reaching to scale back adverse effects effectively on the surroundings and residents throughout the look stage. Among all types of building environmental assessments, inexperienced building assessments and building property assessment criteria within the world nowadays, LEED is taken into account to be the foremost advanced and most sensible, it's AN open system and a good vary of market infrastructure [1]. LEED may be applied to homes, looking malls, hotels and alternative styles of vertical building, except for horizontal building, like subway or railway, its pertinence remains to be mentioned. supported this, this paper takes the subway
station construction stage because the analysis object, choose many credits that concerned within the construction part, take this as a start line, explore whether or not the LEED rating customary may be guide to the development of railway system station, therefore on give the inspiration for LEED certification.


LEED inexperienced building analysis system includes five main indicators; they're property Sites, Water potency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources and Indoor surroundings Quality, additionally to innovative style and culture, each as an extra study. many credits beneath every indicator may be wont to guide the development and valuate the results. LEED inexperienced building analysis system may be a comprehensive assessment of the project life-cycle, as well as style, construction, authorization, and operation. the symptoms concerned within the construction stage principally embody energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, and indoor environmental quality, and its corresponding rating credits area unit shown in table 1:
The Application of the LEED in Subway Station


Fundamental authorization of the building energy system

To ensure the devices meet the wants of building energy conservation [2], the aim of this necessity is to correct the heating, ventilation, air con and refrigeration (mechanical and passive) in addition as management systems, conjointly includes lighting and day lighting, hot water, renewable energy like star and wind energy machinery before delivery railway system station[2]. To correct before delivery of building energy-saving instrumentality will scale back energy consumption, scale back operative prices, improve productivity, and verify that the system meets the wants. Builder will take the subsequent measures in construction management:
  1. Combining the debugging operation documents to the development set up, within the preparation of construction theme.
  2. Cooperating with homeowners and authorization enterprise to develop and running set up actively;
  3. Checking the correct instrumentality installations;
  4. Coordinating with the instrumentality suppliers and authorization enterprise to formulate solutions timely.
  5. Preparing the authorization and running report in brief.

On-site renewable energy

This objective of credit is to encourage the employment of renewable energy, scale back the load of out-site energy and improve energy potency, scale back fossil energy on the surroundings impact, promote and lift awareness of on-the-spot renewable energy harvest home levels therefore on deliver the goods property construction.

Construction web site clean or renewable energy sources may be assessed, and also the probability of the employment of renewable energy and its utilization may be determined. For the development part, common renewable energy sources include:
  1. Wind. changing wind energy into electricity, to provide the development web site use by alternative energy conversion instrumentality, particularly within the northwest region's web site, and to mix with the native climate surroundings to maximise the employment of wind energy;
  2. Solar. The solar power heater is employed to convert light-weight energy into heat to heat the water within the heater, solar power can also be reborn into electrical energy, as a district of the facility supply;
  3. Geothermal energy. On the actual earth science areas, thermal energy within the Earth may be reached through the groundwater result the surface to one to five klick of the crust, and ultimately out of the bottom, these heat sources may be used for power generation and heating directly. however thanks to the special earth science conditions, the employment of heat energy has some limitations within the construction web site.


Storage and assortment of recyclables

In the construction part ,there will be plenty of living garbage and construction waste on a daily basis, like the housing of plastic, scrap commodity; workplace paper, glass, cardboard; construction space of the steel scrap, templates, leftover material, woven bags, etc. In general, the rubbish is simply a straightforward classification, then shipped to landfills. Builders have to be compelled to be paid a freight and lowland. Attention within the construction stage of renewable energy storage and assortment will scale back the waste and also the construction value, can also deliver the goods the aim of energy conservation and emissions reduction. Builders will take the subsequent measures within the construction of renewable energy storage and collection:
  1. an avid exercise product distribution center ought to be found out on the spot within the style of general layout, that is employed for classification, assortment and storage of all types of rubbish. the selection of distribution center has to take into account the scale of the offered space; traffic ought to be terribly convenient to induce access to pickup vehicles, wind direction, the space from the living areas and alternative factors. At a similar time that the exercise merchandise distribution center within the space won’t cause soil structure and ecological destruction ought to be conjointly thought of.
  2. Construction enterprise ought to actively contact the native depot, and use rubbish assortment skilled instrumentality to touch upon all types of waste and exercise.

Construction waste management

The purpose of construction waste management is to filtrate reclaimable materials from the waste and rubbish that area unit created by the method of building construction, building removal and web site cleanup, then the process merchandise ought to be place into production or recycle materials ought to be wont to the correct place. Waste management will greatly scale back the waste of resources, improve resource utilization and scale back construction waste environmental injury. it's vital to notice that the location construction waste has 2 completely different sources, one in all that is from method|the method} of demolition and use of the prevailing buildings or alternative structures; the opposite is from the development process itself.

In general, the most use of construction waste is: 1) Re-election. Waste are going to be recycled once separation of the materials to use at the location, like brick, wood, etc. 2) Reuse. The process merchandise area unit reused to the development web site or applied to alternative project while not dynamical the physical characteristic and also the use characteristic of the fabric .For example, steel scrap by fastening may be used as a secondary support. 3) exercise. Through sorting, cleaning, treatment and reintegration method, objective is to recycle the waste product to provide new merchandise. as an example glass, doors and windows of the demolition. 4) Donation. The offered materials can be given to charity, or a 3rd party, to hunt to maximise the resource utilization [3].

Construction waste management is incredibly vital, throughout the development part, builders will take the subsequent measures to meeting these requirement:
  1. Creating a construction garbage management set up, setting a recycle goals, setting project manager as a accountable person, setting project managers as AN fiduciary, checking matters of garbage recycle frequently, taking the recycle rate as a term of KPI of the project manager.
  2. Distribution a set region on the development web site as waste assortment areas;
  3. Coaching material exercise and straightforward waste classification and treatment strategies for construction personnel.
  4. Recording the waste exercise and feedback.
  5. Protective the development waste assortment against rainfall erosion, avoiding secondary pollution within the region.

Materials Use

Reuse of materials principally refers to reusing building materials and merchandise in construction method, this Credit is that the aim {to scale back|to scale back|to cut back} the necessity for brand spanking new material and reduce the assembly of waste and material effects on the surroundings caused by the assembly method. Here, the use materials may be obtained from the development web site or from the recycled materials market directly, it can also be utilized in the development processes directly or once straightforward cleanup, reaching to encourage the employment of reclaimable materials and promote the employment of recycled material within the market. LEED inexperienced building assessment systems area unit utilized in exercise, renovation, use of materials engineering materials to total price of 5%-10%, however doesn't embody mechanical, electrical and alternative instrumentality. To use recycle, refurbish, use materials the maximum amount as potential within the construction method, the likelihood of mistreatment recycled materials and materials suppliers ought to be known at the look stage. Builders within the procurance of building materials could sit down with the subsequent principles[4]:
  1. Recycling secondary materials or reusing materials within the market;
  2. Shopping for nontoxic and low-volatile material the maximum amount as potential;
  3. Avoiding shopping for assembled material the maximum amount as possible, guaranteeing that the fabric is simple to assemble; all types of connections area unit intact or may be replaced;

Recycled Content

Recycled material is employed within the construction method of the raw materials of all or a part of the composition; its main purpose is to extend the containing recycled material demand for construction merchandise, therefore on scale back the influence of the new raw materials to the surroundings.

LEED inexperienced building assessment system within the final building, the total of materials once mistreatment one 0.5 material circulation before mistreatment that accounting for 100 percent of the total of all materials within the construction entity price. to fulfill this demand, property management of construction stages is achieved. Builders will take the subsequent measures:
  1. Determining material that effects recycled material usage within the final product, which might be used as dominant materials within the method of construction, and assessing the proportion of such materials within the final product. Typically, final product of steel, templates, and new building materials, through extracting, smelting, and producing may be as a renewable material use, these materials may be used as management materials throughout the development.
  2. Identifying qualified suppliers, and at a similar time requiring them to produce the cycle of fabric composition certificate. Builders will estimate the circulation material usage within the final product consistent with the documents.
  3. Determining provide|the provision} of supply consistent with the calculable results, and recording usage and exercise use.

Regional Materials

Regional materials area unit utilized in construction of the artefact or product within the 800-kilometer locomote round the construction site; this is often done to encourage the employment of native materials to scale back the impact of transport on the surroundings within the method. native materials may be created full use to contribute to native economic development.

In general, except the project homeowners with special necessities, most of the materials may be obtained in 800-kilometer ranges from the development web site. If LEED certification is applied to the building, the scores area unit a lot of doubtless to win. within the actual construction method, the development units will take the subsequent measures:
  1. Determining the fabric that affects the native material usage within the final product, which might be wont to management materials within the method of construction, assessing the proportion of such materials within the final product. Normally, steel, glass, model materials and new building materials round the construction web site area unit straightforward to induce, these materials may be used as a dominant material within the method of construction.
  2. Identifying qualified suppliers, and at a similar time requiring them to produce the documents of supply of fabric. Builders will estimate the native material usage within the final product consistent with documents.
  3. Determining provide|the provision} of supply consistent with the calculable results and recording materials usage and native materials use.


Outdoor air delivery observance

The aim of observance the ventilation systems is to work out the air rate and live the concentration of carbonic acid gas. The stations ought to be monitored if there's spare air to exchange, in order that the contaminants can not be accumulated[5]. possible technology and strategy area unit to watch the air flow within the space of personnel throughout the amount of your time and feed the observance result back to the ventilation and air con system, then adjustment work may be promoted as:
  1. Designing the provision and exhausting air layout, selecting energy-efficient offer and exhausting air instrumentality, and setting the suitable device parameters to confirm adequate ventilation.
  2. Installing platform screen doors at the station, block platform and transport tunnel air exchange to confirm the standard of recent air.
  3. Setting up air well within the tunnel. once the train passes through, it can't solely scale back the propulsion, however conjointly persevere the air exchange from the pressure distinction.

For underground structures, like underground facilities within the construction method could manufacture harmful gases like H2S, CH4, that endanger the operating surroundings and do damage to the health of the employees safety. therefore implement detection pro re nata, record the observance results, notice issues in time and take measures to strengthen the ventilation potency of underground facilities to confirm the health of employees.

Construction IAQ Management Set Up

In order to scale back air quality issues caused by the development, an honest surroundings ought to be ensured to guard the health of employees, possible technology and strategy is to strengthen the air observance, the harmful gas is discharged in time. therefore increase the ventilation rate, dilute concentration of harmful gases, and avoid the development personnel respiratory into the harmful gas of high concentration; scale back maintenance personnel operating hours and also the intensity of experience the rough construction [6].

During the development, emergency response groups ought to move in recording accidents, like harmful gas leak, and also the injury scenario caused by leak. Building materials store management ought to be strong, all types of building materials and concrete intermixture location ought to be mounted, cement ought ton’t be stacked within the open and dirt suppression measures should be taken. Burning asphalt, rubber, plastic, animal skin and alternative toxic and harmful smoke olfactory perception gas provides in densely settled areas ought to be prohibited; Adhering to the civilized construction and loading and unloading operations, the development mud ought to be avoided owing to brutal job.

Low emitting materials

The aim of this credit is to scale back odorous, irritate pollution levels, guarantee an honest surroundings, and defend the health of employees. possible technology and strategy is let's say the employment of adhesives and sealants in construction theme, make sure the volatile organic compounds used in the adhesives. sealer is restricted, such as: flooring adhesives, incombustible sealants, caulking, pipe binder.

As the priority is given to instrumentality, merchandise and materials suppliers UN agency implement the IOS14000 environmental management system, regard them as qualified sub contractors. and also the priority is given to the merchandise and provides with a inexperienced surroundings mark. All environmental indicators area unit superior to similar merchandise.

Indoor chemical and waste material supply management

The purpose of Indoor chemicals and pollution management is to reduce air contaminants by physical suggests that and management the cross contamination within the subway. Viable technologies and methods are:

  1. Preventing mud and dirt from the bottom through the doorway into the station, setting fencing, grids or similar protecting devices, and guaranteeing regular cleanup.
  2. Preventing mud and dirt into the air con and ventilation systems through economical filter medium, in order that the filtration system will give enough pressure drops.


Although there's no instance of applying LEED to horizontal building presently, it's found that {the demands|the wants|the necessities} of those credits and also the construction methodology may be combined to raised guide the development through the analysis of a number of the LEED credits requirement during this paper. it's obvious that LEED may be applied to horizontal construction like railway system stations, within the future, stations and alternative buildings may also apply for LEED certification. For alternative stages like style part and operational part of terminus, LEED conjointly incorporates a corresponding credits needs, within the follow-up work, we'll still demonstrate the appliance of LEED to horizontal building in style stage and operation stage.

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